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Iowa Caucuses

©2007 by LeeZard

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign scares me but, not for the reasons you might think. In fact, I’ll probably vote for him in Washington State’s caucuses next month.

No, what scares me is this awful feeling of Déjà Vu all over again. I’m sure others have thought about it but don’t want to say it for fear that, if they say it, it will happen. But, it has to be said and, we have to look within ourselves to prevent it from happening. “What the hell are you rambling about, Leezard,” you must be asking.

So, here it is. Barack Obama is one of those rare people who come along maybe once every generation. He is beyond charismatic. He is inspirational. His speeches are brilliant.

Did you hear his victory speech in Iowa? The pundits on CNN immediately labeled it "one of the most important political speeches of the year." He stands to become our nation’s first African American president and, what scares me is that Barack Obama is just the kind of person some whacko will…

Fill the World With Joy

I wanted to write something positive and hopeful and, yet, I kept coming back to Bush's war. Still, I was determined to express hope for the future.

Usually, I start out with a phrase in my head and the rest seems to flow quite easily. For some reason, I struggled with this one. In fact, it took several weeks to complete. But, I like it; I like its message. I hope you like it as well.

©2007 by LeeZard

I’m walking on a mountain trail,
Through valleys of fir and oak.
The warm sun shares bright blue sky,
With white cotton pillow clouds.
My heart is free,
My head is clear,
My life is filled with joy.

From oceans blue and mountains green,
There is peace upon the land,
Every boy & girl, every mom & dad,
All around the world.
Their lives are free,
Their futures clear,
Their days are filled with joy.

It’s just a dream, I know it’s true,
But I was born to dream.
I dream of hope and pray for peace.
No babies born to die.
This dream is free, the vision clear,
The world is filled with joy.

So walk with …