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Shoot, Man

©2012 by LeeZard

Whooda thunk it?? LeeZard at a shooting range - SHOOTING at the shooting range. But, there I was, with a Remington Model-11 12-gauge semi-automatic shotgun tight to my shoulder, chin resting against the polished wood stock.

After an entire life of pro-gun control (which hasn't changed; it's now more enlightened), not only was I shooting, I was enjoying it.

It's the damned coyote's fault; I want to kill the bastard. He got Maggie. Poor Maggie.Maggie was my first chicken love.

Oh yeah, whooda thunk it? LeeZard is also a chicken farmer. Well, sort of. Actually, they are Wende's chickens and for months I watched her with mild interest as she cared for them from chickhood. No, she did more than care for them; she nurtured them, talked to them, laughed at their antics and, when necessary, brought them back from the brink of death. That was the case with Maggie.

One day we noticed Maggie's belly was on the ground and her two legs were splayed to either si…