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New Dawn of Day

When things get a little crazy, I go to the beach. It calms me. Let's go to the beach!

©2008 by LeeZard

To watch the sun,
Rise out of the ocean,
We awoke before dawn,
And stumbled to the beach.
We came with a bottle of wine,
To toast the new day,
A blanket to cover the sand,
And a sleeping bag for warmth.
We were four new friends,
Ready to greet the morning.

A gentle blue light,
Creeps over the horizon,
Darkness retreating in its path.
The moon and morning star linger,
To join us,
To watch the sun,
Rise out of the ocean.
Our eyes focus east,
As orange and pink rays,
Dance in the sky.
Sunlight frames the clouds,
As daytime,
Moves closer to the beach.

The ocean stirs,
From its nighttime rest,
As Sandpipers
Begin to scurry about
Little white, busy birds,
Skittering one way then another.
A lone seagull,
Swoops down to the water,
Seeking an early breakfast.

It is peaceful,
The four of us together
Alone in our thoughts.
A golden edge of sun,
Peers over the clouds,
Slowly, steadily,
Rising from the ocean’s e…