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Who is Barack Obama?

©2008 by LeeZard

Will the real Obama please stand up? Something has bothered me about this guy all along. Maybe it’s the lack of substance beyond his messages of change and unity. Nice rhetoric but (Gawd, I hate to invoke Ronald Rayguns) “Where’s the beef?” Events of the last 24-hours have only added to my reticence.

Now we have his daring speech on the Race issue. It troubles me. Is it a desperate move by a savvy politician or a bold statement from a true leader? Obama had to do something to blunt the damage to his campaign wrought by the inflammatory rhetoric of his “former” pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr.

In case you missed it, Wright over the years has sermonized in his (and Obama’s) Chicago church about the United States unleashing the AIDS virus and crack cocaine to kill Black people. He’s also damned our country for “a corrupt foreign policy that invited the deadly 9/11 terrorist attacks. He’s called this nation the “U.S. of KKKA.”

In his address to local supporters, elec…