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Dancin' With Mr. C

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“The biopsy shows moderate to seriously aggressive cancer on two sides of your prostate.” And so, last Thursday, my life changed forever. The surprise is, I’m not freaking. Those who know me well know how shocking that is. For those who don't, four words: New York, Jewish, Neurotic. The next surprise, especially to me,  is that I feel stronger and stronger each day. Not physically; I've lost 30-pounds. But I feel like my whole life has prepared me for whatever lies ahead. I’m ready. Bring it! I had a bone scan today. I'll meet with my urologist in six days. For now, you know as much as I do.  ------------ My brain has always worked at high speed, although my mouth often swings into action first. Over the last eight days, though, my brain is processing more slowly as more thoughts and feelings emerge. I’m actually enjoying this part. I am learning so much more about life. I’m learning so much more about me. No matter what happens, this blog will not devo…