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Mother Goose Says, "Dumpty the Trumpty!"

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I was sitting at my laptop the other night trying to NOT listen to the Republican presidential candidates’ debate. I do sometimes leave the TV on, though, just for the comedy and so I can understand the late night talk show monologues.

Whither Pete Rose?

©2015 by LeeZard
I admit I’m not the baseball fan I used to be but I still care about the game, especially its history. That is why I am upset by the decision from Commissioner Rob Manfred that Hits King Pete Rose will forever be banned from baseball because he bet on the game both as a player and manager.
That Rose did, indeed, place bets – even on his own team – is not in question. In fact, he stupidly admitted in his news conference after Manfred’s announcement that he still bets on baseball to this day. He definitely deserved a severe punishment. What bothers me is the commissioner’s – and Major League Baseball’s (MLB’s) – petty vindictiveness and hypocrisy.
What bothers me even more is that even though Rose technically could be eligible for a plaque in the Baseball Hall of Fame (HOF), that august institution still refuses to consider his entry because of the baseball ban. In 1991 the HOF passed a rule that bans anyone on baseball’s ineligible list from entrance into t…