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News Flash: LeeZard Enters Presidential Race!


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May 27, 2013

LeeZard Tosses in Hat for 2016 Taps Bruce Springsteen as Running Mate
(Renton, WA) Noted blogger, raconteur and political know-some-of-it LeeZard will seek the 2016 Democratic nomination for president, it was announced today.

“I supported President Obama throughout the dismal, tawdry and endless 2008 campaign,” said LeeZard. “I bought in to his promise of change.”

"I ran against him in 2012," he added, "but nobody noticed. I will not be deterred!"

“So, let’s look at the record! Our troops are still in Afghanistan, the national debt continues to rise and we are no closer to economic stability or prosperity,” he continued.

"And let's face the hard fact, UNEMPLOYMENT IS NOT WORKING!"

Gathering a full head of steam and puffing himself up to twice his normal size, LeeZard let loose with both barrels. “It’s time to bring change to what the changer changed,” he r…