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Michael Jackson Ain't All That

©2009 by LeeZard

LeeZard is already burned out on the Michael Jackson brouhaha. I’m sorry, boys & girls but Michael Jackson isn’t (wasn’t) Elvis. He wasn’t The Beatles or Frank Sinatra.

Let’s put aside, for the moment, Jackson’s penchant for diddling little boys, the apparent denial of his Blackness and whatever other “foibles” soiled his fable. As an icon, he doesn’t measure up to the “A” list above. Why? Is Leezard just being contrary? I don’t think so.

While MJ fans argue that his record sales are the equal to those of the Beatles and Elvis, the “official” count shows otherwise – by at least a quarter-of-a-million (that will certainly change as MJ sales have skyrocketed since his death). But, anyone can diddle with numbers (much better than diddling with little boys!). Let’s take two examples from my generation and look at the bigger picture, starting with The King (MJ was merely “The King of Pop”).

Elvis changed everything. It’s not out of reach to say he jump-started the Rock &am…

Fill the World with Joy

(NOTE: LeeZard is sad. The seemingly endless wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the shooting - by an 80+ yr. old flippin' neo-Nazi - at the Holocaust Museum in D.C., hate crimes against gays, North Korean nukes and terrorist kooks. Can't we all play nicely together?? And, so, I offer the following plea in the darkness...or, is it a fart into the wind? You decide)

Fill the World with Joy
©2009 by LeeZard

I’m walking on a mountain trail,
Through valleys ever green.
The warm sun shares blue sky,
With cotton pillow clouds.
My heart is free,
My head is clear,
My life is filled with joy.

From oceans deep to mountains high,
Bring peace upon the land.
Every boy & girl, every mom & dad,
All around the world,
Make them free,
Their future clear,
Let’s fill their days with joy.

It’s just a dream, I know,
But I was born to dream.
I dream of hope and pray for peace,
No babies born to die.
This dream is free,
The vision’s clear,
Let’s fill the world with joy.

So join me now, Let’s join our hands,
Let’s make thi…