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Under the Purple and Gold

©2008 by LeeZard

The Seattle Times ran an article last week (, reporting that the University of Washington is looking for a new Alma mater. It seems nobody likes the existing one - written about 100 years ago - in fact, hardly anybody knows the lyrics.

The school will choose three finalists and turn them over to Bill Conti who, amongst other accomplishments, wrote the music for the original "Rocky."

LeeZard figures what the hell; might as well take a stab at it. Please let me know what you think.

There's a place in our hearts,
And a time we’ll always hold,
A time and place forever,
Under the Purple and Gold.
On her campus green,
Through seasons warm and cold,
‘Neath that flag of glory,
Under the Purple and Gold.

In the shadow of the Cascade Mountains,
With nature’s beauty so bold,
Nestles our alma mater,
Where our futures will unfold.
We arrive so young, so eager,
Seeking knowledge to behold,
Our world will …