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If I Had Any Doubts

©2007 By LeeZard

“No, it won’t kill you.”

I was sitting in the office of a surgeon I’d only met 30 minutes ago, listening to him recommend – what else – SURGERY. “It won’t kill you,” he continued, “unless it twists around and cuts off the blood flow. Then it’ll kill ya.”

I had a double hernia. My regular physician referred me to this particular surgeon because this was his specialty. “He’s the best in the city,” my doc assured me.

“It’s not a major procedure anymore,” the surgeon went on. Now, it’s day surgery, just a small cut below your navel, a scope and a micro-tool, that’s it. Three day recovery, max.”

So, one week later, lying on a gurney in the hallway outside of Operating Theater A, I was inhaling the ever-present eau de antiseptic and staring blankly at the green painted walls. I found myself reflecting on how I got there. It was like the newsreel of my life rolling in my brain.


Most people travel life’s highway with tools to deal with its hazards and roadblocks. …


Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band in Seattle. Another AWESOME Bruce show but, is "The Boss" slowing down? He 'only' did a two-hour show and one - 30 minute - encore!

(NOTE: Sorry about the photo quality here; needless to say, the lighting was tricky and I admittedly grabbed some shots from the video screen. The Key Arena "camera police" were out in force.)

What a show! It is the only time anyone ever sees LeeZard dance fast - can't help it; I just get happy feet. Some concert notes;

Clarence "Big Man" Clemons seems to be suffering from some serious (back?) pain. He sat in sort of a throne when he wasn't playing and, when he did play, he could hardly move. Luckily, whatever ails him did not affect his sax playing but, gone was the gleeful interplay between Clarence and Bruce. Too bad.

The rest of the band - sans wife Patti, who was home "guarding the house" against the teen-age kids - was in fine form. Nils Lofgren had one …