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Let Us Sing of the Recession

©2009 by LeeZard

We are in a recession of nearly historic proportions and something keeps telling me to write about it. The problem is, nothing new comes to mind. Experts and non-experts with far more economic expertise than LeeZard have written ad-nauseum about this sorry state of affairs. I have a solution.

I’ve always said “LeeZard has a lyric for everything (usually someone else’s).” Let’s go to work shall we. See how many tunes you can name without looking at the footnotes.


1.  The place I go to draw my pay,
Closed the door on me today.
Told me just to stay away,
And don't come back again.

2.  Project cancelled
Tumbling central
Red money.

3.  They used to tell me
I was building a dream
With peace and glory ahead.
Why should I be standing in line
Just waiting for bread?

4.  Now thems were hard times back in the eighties boy
People barely had enough to get by.
Oh not me footloose and fancy free
There was nothin' to myself I'd deny.
But fellas listen to my story now

Back Out - Out Back

©2009 By LeeZard

Many of you might be wondering, “Where have you been, LeeZard?” Many others probably don’t give a damn. Whatever. I have a note from my doctor.

It seems my back surgery of November 24, 2008 was merely an appetizer. The gods of back pain were not through with me. About a month after surgery, I made the silly assumption that I’d be able to resume some semblance of a normal life. So, when the Pacific Northwest was hit by a series of uncharacteristic snowstorms that left nearly a foot of white stuff outside Chateau LeeZard, I didn’t hesitate to pick up a snow shovel – and that 50-pound bag of sand. BIG mistake.

Two days later, when a car got stuck in a snowdrift outside of The World’s Best Girlfriend’s (TWBGF) house, I likewise dove right in with a snow shovel. Second BIG mistake. Later that evening my back was a little sore. The next morning I was back to big time back pain. To quote my latest hero, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, “Holy crap!”

This was different than the pain tha…