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Disney Devil or Diva?

©2009 by LeeZard

I thought I’d done Disneyland – twice, in fact. That was until I flew through the Magic Kingdom via the pixie dust of my very own Tinkerbell. That would be Wende, The World’s Best GirlFriend (TWBGF!). LeeZard will never view “The Happiest Place on Earth” the same again.

Wende was born in the Bay Area but lived for many years in Southern California. Over that time she began to channel Peter Pan’s little gal pal and made Disneyland her own fiefdom. Even today, living hundreds of miles to the north, Tink (as I now know her) maintains an annual pass and manages more than a few visits a year. Last week was LeeZard’s first fly-through with Tink. Let’s call it “Extreme Disneyland.” Ladies & gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts!

Not that it was bad; au contraire, it was AMAZING. LeeZard didn’t know that he should have gone into training weeks before the journey. Along with Tink’s nine-year-old daughter Sarah (our self-proclaimed Minnie), we blazed through Disneyland and the adja…