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Tales From Behind the Green Apron

©2015 by LeeZard

What better way to study human nature than wearing the famed Green Apron in one of the cafes that is part the world’s favorite coffee chain? Not only have I learned to take an order in 30-seconds and make – in less than a minute – a grande half-caff soy 130-degree no foam add sugar free caramel and extra caramel drizzle caramel macchiato, I’ve also observed the human condition across every socioeconomic line. It’s been quite a show.
I’ve served Super Bowl champions, millionaires, homeless people, TV personalities, doctors, lawyers, nurses, soccer moms, cops, laborers, po’ trash of every stripe, a few certifiable crazies, a wide variety of canines (“A puppaccino, please.”)[1], the sight and hearing impaired – you name ‘em, I’m their caffeine fix.
Most of them are just plain ol’ folks – just as nice as can be. All they want is their cuppa java, tea, frappachino or smoothie. As in the rest of society some of them take themselves way too seriously. Moreover, some of them tak…