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Two Flowers in the Desert

©2008 by LeeZard

Two flowers in the desert,
Buried in the sand.
Two lonely ships at sea,
Nowhere near the land.

The flowers barely nourished,
Managed to survive.
The ships, tho’ tossed by storm,
Sailed on with the tide.

For years the flowers slept,
Apart and all alone.
The ships sailed separately,
No ports to call them home.

One day a gentle wind,
Blew away the sand.
One day a pure white bird,
Led the ships to land.

Underneath new sunlight,
The flowers bloomed and grew.
With their ships in port,
Wives found their love anew.

And, now the flowers drink,
The raindrops from the sky,
Then they see each other,
They’ve always been nearby.