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Far From (Seventh) Heaven

©2007 By LeeZard

Her name was Faith Mulholland and she ruled her seventh grade class with an iron fist and a short, nasty temper. She was tall and very thin. She wore the same outfit everyday, a light tan, below-the-knee straight skirt and a white blouse. Either she washed them every night or had dozens of them in her closet. She wore little or no jewelry, nothing to enhance her ordinariness, and kept her dull brown hair in a bun with loose strands always falling down on either side of her face. To look at Faith Mulholland was to feel her loneliness in the world and it seemed she saved her resentment of that loneliness for her pupils.

I was transferring to a new school and, unknowingly, into Faith Mulholland’s private gulag. My first elementary school in New York City’s Borough of Queens, Public School (P.S.) 176, only went as high as the sixth grade. So, for the seventh and eighth grades, I was off to P.S. 147 – a longer bus ride and a whole bunch of new kids – a very scary prospect …


©2009 by LeeZard

Don’t know what “Hockadooooo” means? Go see the musical “Memphis! (Or, look below if you must)*

It’s as simple as this; LeeZard loves the theater and I absolutely LOVED Memphis.

I do not give my applause away easily, even less so do I participate in standing ovations. I found myself willingly and enthusiastically doing both last night during and following a preview performance at Seattle’s grand ol’ Fifth Avenue Theater, thanks to Wende (TWBGF).

The rest of the audience agreed, breaking into shouts and whistles after many of the rousing, often emotional song and dance numbers, topping the evening off with an instant, spontaneous standing “O.” All well deserved.

As described by
“ Written by Joe DiPietro, composed by David Bryan (Bon Jovi keyboardist and founding member) and directed by Christopher Ashley, Memphis is a story about the passion and roots of rock 'n' roll featuring an original gospel, rhythm & blues, and early rock score fused with…