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Springsteen: Reborn in the USA

©2012 by LeeZard

(NOTE: Photos by LeeZard, 11/28/2012 Portland Rose Garden Arena. Also, to get a full understanding of what I write here, please take time to watch the video links throughout this piece. The audio isn't great but you will get the sense of what I'm saying.)

The late James Brown was called "The Hardest Working Man in Show Business." His mantle isnow surely worn by Bruce Springsteen.

At 63 years young Springsteen still loves his job. In fact, he told us so November 28th during his three hour and twelve minute show at Portland's Rose Garden Arena.His "Wrecking Ball Tour" has been on the international road for most of this year and his management just added several new European dates for early 2013.  I've been to all of Bruce's gigs here since 1975 and nobody enjoys performing as much as my Rock & Roll Hero. Sure, Jagger is still strutting at 69 and, at 67, Neil Young is still doing his endless guitar solos but it seems more like …