Thursday, February 21, 2008

Make Love Not War: Time For Hillary to Kiss and Make Up

©2008 by LeeZard

You know how a chicken’s body will run around for a while after you cut its head off? That’s Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign today. I am a Hillary delegate to my county and legislative district caucuses but let’s face reality; it’s over. She’s lost 11 in a row to Senator Barack Obama and her campaign is in disarray. No, it is in full panic.

Even if the New York senator ekes out victories in Texas and Ohio, it is unlikely that her wins will be big enough to stop what has become the Obama freight train. So, for the good of her party – and our nation – Hillary Clinton should withdraw from the race and throw her support behind Barack Obama.

Let the political pundits and pollsters – the ones who blew it from the start – analyze what went wrong in Hillaryville. The fact is they need look no farther than Bill the pit-bull in South Carolina. One New York Times columnist called it Hillary’s “Waterloo.” That’s where the campaign’s carcass is buried. I prefer to look at the big picture and a brighter future than four more years of partisan warfare between a Democratic congress and a GOP White House.

Rather than let the Republicans coalesce behind the war-mongering John McCain while they cut each other – and the party – to pieces, Hillary and Barack should come together and begin the national campaign to take back the White House. Hillary needs to put her ego – and her husband’s larger ego – on the back burner in the name of what really counts: saving our country from another four years (or 100 years) of war and Republican ruination.

I’ll go even further out on a limb and suggest an Obama-Clinton ticket in November – call it Obamary. What, LeeZard, are you crazy? Yes, crazy like a fox.

With Obama at the top of the ticket, preaching his sermon of change and inspiration, and Clinton in the VP slot with her experience and well-thought out policies, the Democrats would present not only a historic combination but also a powerful one when the rubber hits the Beltway next January. Combining the resources of both campaigns also allows the Democrats to hit the campaign trail running hard to November. And, by the way, if you ask Republicans in Hillary's home state of New York, they will grudgingly admit how they've grown to respect her for the ability she's developed over the years to successfully work across party lines to reach solutions. What a concept!

There’s another reason I suggest this geographically unbalanced Democratic marriage. Unfortunately, it is a reason that highlights our country’s inherent violence, against others and ourselves. I blogged several weeks ago about my fear that, if nominated and, especially if elected, Barack Obama is the type of inspirational leader who incites the whackos that infest our society. Many of my readers chastised me for putting out “negative energy” for suggesting that he would be a likely target for assassination.

Well, guess what; I still have those same fears and, now I have the solution – the best sort of security to ensure Obama’s safety. Who do the whackos hate more than Obama? You guessed it; with Hillary as vice president, I’m guessing they’ll think more than twice before they take a shot at President Obama.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Pondering the Imponderable

©2008 By LeeZard

Not that I’m losing any sleep over these but, I wonder:

* Why do people insist on driving 55-60 MPH in the left freeway (PASSING) lane?
* Why are potato chips so deadly when they taste so great?
* Why aren’t more people questioning John McCain about his “100 years war” comment vis a vis Iraq?
* Why can’t we pay our teachers at least as much as we pay journeyman carpenters?
* Who did put the bop in the bop-shoo-bop-shoo-bop?
* Along those same lines, why do fools fall in love?
* Whatever happened to the search for Osama Bin Laden?
* Why do we park in driveways and drive on parkways?
* Are voters lying to pollsters about their support for Barack Obama because they’re afraid to reveal their bigotry?
* Re: Kosovo’s declaration of independence, are they done dividing up the old Yugoslavia?
* Which reminds me, did Tito finally die?
* Which reminds me, what’s a used Yugo with low mileage worth (OK, so the miles are low ‘cause the thing never ran)?
* Why is my stockbroker still employed?
* If Billary gets the Democratic nomination and wins in November, what will we call him? The First Husband? The First Gentleman? Mr. Bill? Mr. President.2?
* Why isn’t Doonesbury funny anymore?
* Why are there no British food restaurants?
* If you've been to the UK, why bother answering the above question?
* What is “light” about light rail?
* Why can’t they (whoever ‘they’ are) leave Britney Spears alone?
* Ditto Linsday Lohan – let ‘em get better in private.
* Which reminds me, when is Paris Hilton’s 15 minutes of fame up?
* What does Generation “X” (or “Y” for that matter) really mean?
* What happens after Generation “Z?”
* What is Bruce Springsteen “The Boss” of?
* Why can’t I end a sentence with a preposition? What’s the penalty?
* Am I the only one thinking that maybe Pete Rose isn’t looking so bad anymore?

If you have any answers (or your own questions) please post them as a comment.