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My Card You Cad

NOTE: LeeZard rarely writes fiction and, he's never tried his hand at (writing) erotica. For some reason, though, the following story appeared in my head.

Is it erotica? Is it soft porn? Is there a difference? defines erotica: "literature or art dealing with sexual love."
It defines pornography:  “obscene writings, drawings, photographs, or the like, especially those having little or no artistic merit.”
The definition of soft porn is more involved:  “it is less explicit than hardcore material in depicting or describing sexual behavior. Softcore does not depict explicit sexual contact, but ranges from simulated intercourse to nudity. While both softcore and hardcore feature sexual situations with the intention of arousing the viewer, the key difference is that softcore does not clearly show arousedgenitalia (including masturbation), ejaculation, or penetration (vaginal, anal and/or oral)."
As one not to challenge the creative process, I humbly present the foll…