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What’s the fastest you’ve ever driven? I’m not talking about all the racecar drivers out there (Dale!). I’m asking all of you everyday out-on-the-freeway motorists. For LeeZard, it was 140 scary, exhilarating MPH. Not bragging. It’s just a fact. Because scientists and sociologists study everything, of course there are studies on drivingfast. 

According to

"Psychologists who study how we perceive things discovered a type of homeostatic process called level of adaptation. Take the case of speed. The brain records the sensations our body experiences and stores them along a continuum from smaller to greater. The range of speed that we're used to travelling creates a specific level of adaptation. This is the speed your body expects to feel in particular segments of roadways. These sensations are part of your road schema ("Schemas" are slogans or pictures we make-up in our mind about everyday situations as we experience them, over and over.).

Keep on Bloggin'

Keep on Bloggin’
©2010 by LeeZard
Back in February my barrister wisely counseled that I (temporarily) shut down LeeZard on Life while job hunting. Reluctantly, I agreed. LeeZard often writes openly about many personal issues, issues that aren’t really the business of prospective employers.
But, LeeZard also misses blogging and, as I approach two years of under-employment, I am willing to take what I consider the minimal risk of returning to the blogosphere. if you Google LeeZard’s real name (What? You didn’t know LeeZard wasn’t my real name?), this blog never appears. So, let’s catch up before we re-embark on my life journey through LeeZard colored glasses.
I wish I had a lot of good stuff to report since last we blogged but so far the arrow still points mostly south. Let’s start with the good stuff.
Thankfully, I am still blessed to have my sobriety (4,407 days as I write this) and the wonderful Wende (TWBGF) in my life. Her love, emotional support and sometimes-mutual wackiness keep me …