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One of my best Facebook buddies, ArtySmarty, wrote on his wall inauguration day, “I’ve been Obamatized.” It got LeeZard thinking again (always a dangerous thing) about his quest for a nickname for the new Obama-in-Chief (O-i-C).

“LeeZard,” said moi, “you’ve got to expand your thinking beyond just nicknames.” And, ya know what? LeeZard is right. After all “Obama” is one of the best presidential last names we’ve ever had. There is so much you can do with it.

The first thing that came to LeeZard's twisted little mind, of course, was the 1964 novelty hit "The Name Game." (POP QUIZ: Who sang "The Name game?" See below if you can't remember. After you know the answer watch this video:

All together now:
Obama Rama Bo Bama
Banana Fana Fo Fama
Fe Fi Mo Mama
Okay, let's go to work. Obama can be a verb, as in ArtySmarty’s usage – and we’ll revisit that in a moment. Let's begin with the proper no…

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LeeZard feels better already.

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