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Brother Can You Spare a Job

©2009 by Leezard

I’m not depressed (yet) but, for my generation, this is our Great Depression. I don’t want to get into discussions or debates about this current state-of-the-economy versus THE Great Depression. Suffice it to say that this is the worst I’ve ever seen and, LeeZard is not just whining about his sad state-of-the-economy.

Before I do start whining, let’s look around. I’ve never seen more of my friends out of work. I’ve never seen so many small-to-medium businesses withering away in so short a period of time.

What’s happening to the auto industry is mind shattering – even if they did bring it on themselves. Banks failing, government bailing – it all leads to unsmooth sailing.

Okay, now let’s pour ourselves a glass of fine whine. Before we raise the glass, however, let’s put some caveat on a piece of toast; I am not writing this for pity nor am I writing to complain. I pledged at the beginning that I would write about life through LeeZard colored glasses. This is my life today …