Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brother Can You Spare a Job

©2009 by Leezard

I’m not depressed (yet) but, for my generation, this is our Great Depression. I don’t want to get into discussions or debates about this current state-of-the-economy versus THE Great Depression. Suffice it to say that this is the worst I’ve ever seen and, LeeZard is not just whining about his sad state-of-the-economy.

Before I do start whining, let’s look around. I’ve never seen more of my friends out of work. I’ve never seen so many small-to-medium businesses withering away in so short a period of time.

What’s happening to the auto industry is mind shattering – even if they did bring it on themselves. Banks failing, government bailing – it all leads to unsmooth sailing.

Okay, now let’s pour ourselves a glass of fine whine. Before we raise the glass, however, let’s put some caveat on a piece of toast; I am not writing this for pity nor am I writing to complain. I pledged at the beginning that I would write about life through LeeZard colored glasses. This is my life today and we’re all stuck with it. But, hey, if someone reads this and wants to offer me a gig, I wouldn’t spill any whine on ‘em.

LeeZard has been unemployed since last October. I’ve been un-and-under-employed before, but not like this. Local job listings are sparse, competition for the fewer jobs is fierce and freelance/contract gigs are like fog, easy to see but hard to get your hands on.

Panic hasn’t hit but I’m sure it’s riding around the neighborhood. Am I scared? You bet your sweet pota
to I am. Even though Uncle Obama raised my unemployment compensation that barely pays my mortgage. Because of my well-documented health issues over the last half of 2008, I’ve pretty much burned through my emergency resources, not to mention the co-pay medical bills I can’t co-pay thanks to my insufficient COBRA.

Finally, and most scary, my “retirement fund,” which is invested in my beloved “Chateau LeeZard,” is seeing shrinkage like George Costanza’s member.

Having said all of the above, LeeZard still has hope for the future, all our futures. Call me Pollyanna (please don’t! I hate that movie) but I’ve ridden hope and faith for my 11-years of sobriety and despite all my whining, I still have a very rich and wonderful life. I’ve also learned to let go of the things I cannot control – virtually everything around me. That eases a lot of pressure and allows me to take care of my stuff (all together now) one day at a time.

Hang in there girls and boys.