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©2008 by LeeZard

LeeZard has a new hero. No, make that SHEro but I cannot reveal her name. I don’t want the troubles I am about to relate to revisit her. Let’s just call her Sarge.

Sarge is a cop. In fact, she is a Sergeant and that is the nub of the story.

Unfortunately (in her agency), the fact that Sarge is both female and African-American led to the tale I am about to share. Sarge came to her rank the hard way, through a forest of sexism and racism that would’ve thwarted a lesser man or woman. She achieved the rank despite the odds and she took the very high road to get there.

As I was having lunch with Sarge the other day and listening to her story, I said, “You know, what you are telling me reminds me of what Jackie Robinson went through when he first came up to the Brooklyn Dodgers. Except, THAT was in 1947.”

“I know,” she sighed, “some things never change.”


When Sarge and I last hung out, she was a basic patrol officer. LeeZard was posing as a reporter at the time a…