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What’s a Nice Jewish Boy.......

©2008 by Leezard

.......Doing in a mess like this? Moreover, what’s a nice Jewish governor doing in a high priced brothel? More moreover, what the hell kind of sex is worth more than $4,000? Didn’t Governor Spitzer ever listen to the Beatles (“Money Can’t Buy Me Love…….” Dumdeedumdee DUMB!!!)?

Eliot, Eliot, what the hell were you thinking? Were you thinking, “It’s okay; Thomas Jefferson was shtooping his slaves?” Or, “It’s okay, JFK did Marilyn Monroe?” Or, “It’s okay, Bill Clinton got away with ‘I did not have sex with that woman (Thereby causing a huge national debate over what is and what isn’t SEX)?’”

As Bill Clinton learned the hard way (Ouch, no pun intended. Okay, pun intended), these are different times. In Thomas Jefferson’s day, everyone was shtooping their slaves. In JFK’s day, the adoring media protected Sir Camelot. Today, any politician is meat for the media machine and, I think, justifiably so.

Here’s a guy who was “Mr. Clean,” the hard-assed prosecutor who built his reput…