Mother Goose Says, "Dumpty the Trumpty!"

©2016 by LeeZard
I was sitting at my laptop the other night trying to NOT listen to the Republican presidential candidates’ debate. I do sometimes leave the TV on, though, just for the comedy and so I can understand the late night talk show monologues.

About halfway through the ridiculous discussions on foreign policy, there was a light, tentative knock at my door. I looked through the peephole and, upon seeing that world famous and familiar face, threw the door open with glee.
“Mother Goose!” I exclaimed. “Where have you been this election year? I’d just about given up on you.”
She replied, “Humpty Dumpty and I sat on the wall, thinking we wouldn’t get involved at all. Now we’re both hot to trot, ready to take all our shots, and dumpty all over Trumpty."
 “Not your best, MG,” I replied,  “but I get your point.”
So, for the third presidential race in a row, my old pal and I waddled over to the laptop and proceeded to dump(ty). She dictated while I typed.

 Harrumph, Harrumph, Harrumph, 
What shall we do with the Trump? 
The guy's all bombast,
His head’s up his ass, 
He’s really a fascist old grump.
Let’s look at the others,  
This sick band of brothers,  
And Carly too while we’re at it.  
They lie and they bluster,  
Their truths have no luster,
Mostly it’s political bullshit. 

Isis, Isis,  
I prefer Italian Ices.  
The GOP would send troops in,  
And continue to bomb ‘em.  
T’would really not ease the crisis.

Now Bernie and Hillary,  
They both have the Skillary,  
And they're better than the rest. 
That’s compared to the others you see,
But really what bothers me,  
Is even they aren’t the best. 

“Enough, ” I cried. “I can’t take any more. My eyeballs are rolling back in my head.” 
She looked at me and winked. “Okay, Okay, I say but one before I go. I just can’t resist, this farewell kiss, to all the hot air they blow.”
To listen to them grieve,
How bad it is, they believe,
That without them America is worse.
Let’s be great again they cry,
But no matter how hard they try,
Their arguments are just simply borscht.
Thank you Mother Goose!!


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